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R/ Damahana Maha Vidyalaya ,Damahana,Balangoda,
Sri Lanka,

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History says that this area is famous the most primitive human being “Balangoda Manawaya” and this area is well known all over the world for the Mahawalathenna plateau and this village is situated in a delightful area.
Some say that thousand of monks were wore robes and the name “Damahana” got its name. it is true that a sacred place. There is a paddy field in the middle of this village and we can see the farmers go to their paddy fields leaning a mamoty on their shoulders and having a betel case in one hand.
There are two ways to attend this place through Ratnapura, Balangoda towns and through Kirimetithenna Village. The other one is through Ratnapura, Pallebedda and through Weligepola towns.

Dahamana gains some historical significance by virtue of the fact that it belongs to the region where the world famous primitive ‘Balangoda Man’, better known as ‘Balangoda Manawaya’ was discovered. The Mahawalathnna plateau and the Dahamana village merge to form a picturesque site.

When it comes to modern communication a major issue confronting rural areas of Sri Lanka is to do with transferring technology to those regions. It creates barriers and set backs and is a distinct disadvantage in matters of commerce and education. This is quite evident for example in Damahana, a village area which is situated in Ratnapura district of the Sabaragamuwa province.
In an attempt to address this problem an e-village Unit was established at the Damahana Maha Vidyalaya under the guidance and supervision of the Ministry of Education, the National ICT agencies and the of Presidential Secretariat.


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