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Homosapians Balangodancis

The written history of Sri Lanka commences from the 16th century B.C. with the arrival of king Vijaya but human history of Sri Lanka extended to about 38000 years back
          From Bellanbendi Pelessa near Kaltota were found the shells of suails whichwere suspected to be eaten by man and thrown away as waste.
         Acoding toprofessor Shiran Daraniyagala it was found that like above skull belonged to the homo sapian Balangodansis man and resembled, findings of primitive men found in contries like peking Java and Africa.
         Much information regarding the Balangoda man was found out from the Monotoniously, Godawaya Kadiramale and Gurugalhinna archaelogical sites.
         The scull of the Balangoda man can be seem in the colombo museam and bones and other implements in the Ratnapura museam. According tocharcoal and other things found it is believed that man useed fire at that time and liveed in caves.
          the name Balangodanious was given due to the fact that the scull was found in the Balangoda area. He was ahunter ande seeemed to have traveled far to find food. Homosapian refers to an inteligent man.


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