"Our vision is to improve ICT & Language knowledge to
overcome challenges of villagers' lives"



R/ Damahana Maha Vidyalaya ,Damahana,Balangoda,
Sri Lanka.

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For Nation's progress with the help of ICT...

The culture background of the area takes an important place. Beacuse the communities ofSinhalese, Tamils and Muslims live in peace and harmony.The population of Sinhalese and Muslims are more than Tamils according to thepopulation. There are several sacred places for each religion.

Not only that there are many ancient places displaying the cultural background of the area. Mahawalatenna walawwa gives us a cultural value. Because the late first prime minister of theworld H/ESirimawo Bandaranayaka's native place is
Mahawalatenna. Mawela temple is a very important place to the
area when we thinking about the religion side.

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