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R/ Damahana Maha Vidyalaya, Damahana,Balangoda,
Sri Lanka.

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The farmers of the village grow vegetables with
many difficulties.Though they led a bitter life
supporting the crops they are very happy in
getting a good harvest. This picture showsn a
that they are plucking beans very happily.





                              Tea plantation
The  Tea    plant   was introduced   to Sri Lanka    in 1839.    The first  tea    plant   was   planted   in the  botanical   gardens  of  Peradeniya   and Haggala.  Some skeletons  of  those    plants   can  be seen in these  areas.   Mr. James Tailor,  an Englishman  started   this  tea  cultivation   in the   state   of    Hevahata in   Kandy  in 1840.   After    that  the  tea    cultivation    was  spreaded    all over in  Sri   Lanka.   Specially   tea  grows well   in   the hill country.   Now   the main income   most  people  in  Balangoda  is  the  production.
                 Firstly   the   tea  farmers  select   a sloppy  land  and   they   clean  it,     Next  the  stores    are   remove  and  the   people  make   hedges  in lines  across the  slopes.  As  well  they cut  drains   to  protect  the soil.   Sometime   the  tea  farmers  get   tea   donation  from  the government, So  all  are  motivated   for  this   farm.    The  farmers    dig   holes   to   plant  tea   plants in    lines   keeping   spaces   four   feets     between    two   lines. They    started   to plants   the  plant   When the   rainy  seasons   comes  in   November   to   January.
                  Some farmers  prepare   the  own   the   plants    for  the   cultivation.  Major’s  tea   plant bed   are   prepared   in several    places   at   Welange,  Mawela  and   others    villages.  When  the tea   plants    are   612.224   months  they   proun   the  plants.   Then  
after   two   years   old  to  tea   cultivation.   They   pick  tender   leaves   put   them  in  to  net   saiks   loard   into  tea   factories.         
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